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Custom Framing and Consulting for Your Art

We are passionate about framing! We specialize in framing collectors paintings that have lost their original frames, by using the same period frame to create the best possible replacement for the original. Our goal is to create an excellent result when people think the frame is the original for that art.

We want to be sensitive and careful to reflect the quality of the artwork for the frame. Balanced framing includes the following criteria:

  • The frame should complement the quality of the painting or artwork.
  • The period of the frame should also complement the historic value of the art.

Our collection of hundreds of period frames span from the 16th century through the 21st century.

We are positioned to frame all historic artwork including Old Master paintings and drawings, 19th century European art, 19th century American Art, Impressionist paintings and in some limited way modern art.

Although many of our frames are high quality and can be expensive, we are fundamentally value oriented and have many options for your collection that are amazingly well priced because all period frames are removed from the production costs of labor and material that can make custom framing, by contrast, so expensive.

Our frame selection echoes traditional tastes biased towards clients who buy and own historic artwork. We are practiced sellers to museums and fine art dealers but now newly directed to sell directly to private collectors seeking to upgrade the frames on their artwork. We find it especially rewarding to locate just the right frame for the client’s artwork.